Information for Doctors

Patients referred to our practice don’t necessarily have complex dental requirements but require anesthesia to deliver dental care. They may have, but not limited to:

  • Anxiety, fear, or phobia of dentistry and associated sounds and equipment
  • Young children that are unable to cooperate
  • Difficulty freezing
  • Sensitive gag reflexes
  • Movement disorders, inability to be stationary
  • Physical and Mental disability
  • Extensive dental disease

We typically see patients in reasonable health from age 2 and up for dentistry under anesthesia. However their eligibility for safe treatment will be determined at the consult appointment. Medically complex patients may not be offered the full range of anesthetic/sedative options or be referred to a hospital clinic.

Dental Anesthesia Services Offered

We provide dental treatment under the full range of anesthetic options from conscious mild and IV moderate sedation to deep sedation and general anesthesia. As a certified specialist in dental anesthesia, we are well trained and qualified to use a variety of techniques and multiple agents to achieve the best possible experience for your patient. Care at our clinic is focused towards general dentistry under deep sedation and general anesthesia as conscious forms of sedation are readily available at many general practitioner offices.

For regular recall and check-up appointments, please follow up with your dentist.