Overcome fear of the dentist

If dental fear and anxiety are preventing you from visiting the dentist, then take heart because there are ways to overcome fear of the dentist. It’s estimated as many as 20% of adults in North America avoid their semi-annual checkup because they are afraid of the dentist.

As one of only two board certified dental anesthesiologist in Ottawa, we can provide the most appropriate level of sedation and anesthesia to facilitate your dental treatment.

It is important you discuss your fears so we may better understand them and manage them. Dental fear and anxiety has several different roots, including fear of pain, injection, helplessness or loss of control, anesthetic side effects or even simply an extreme discomfort with the physical closeness required by your dentist or hygienist.

Fear of pain

Fear of pain is probably the most common reason for avoiding the dentist. Often caused by a painful or unpleasant early childhood dental experience. Advances in modern dentistry in combination with our range of anesthesia, sleep and sedation dentistry means you can be comfortably sleeping during the entire procedure.

Fear of injections

The thought of receiving an injection is often rated as one of the most intense fears, and is only amplified when we think about receiving a needle in the mouth. Others fear that the dosage of the anesthesia isn’t high enough to significantly dull their pain.

Feelings of helplessness

The confinement of the dentist chair can make some people feel anxious from a loss of control. It’s important to remember that we are here to help, and we will tailor our treatment to alleviate your anxiety.

Feelings of intrusion upon your personal space

The physical closeness required by your dentist can make some people feel uncomfortable. We can work with you to find a level of conscious or unconscious sedation where you feel as comfortable as possible.

How can we help you?

We have several levels of sedation to alleviate your dental fear and anxiety and provide the most comfortable dentistry experience possible. As a board certified specialist in dental anesthesia, we can achieve the level of sedation that can be tailored to your dental procedure and particular needs, effectively managing your dental fear and anxiety.